Our Approach

Applying our Artificial Intelligence technology gives us the ability to listen, deduce and drive to a singular psychographic profile for each consumer, focusing on all segments and targets each one incrementally to achieve success driven by Artificial Intelligence.


Our SEO experts understand that each segment may have very different needs and wants. What your site already has can be far from what you really want it to do. With proper research and analysis we determine:

  • If any optimization has already been done.
  • Who is the real target audience for your products/services.
  • Which area of the site needs improvement.
  • Where you are currently ranked for relevant keywords.
  • What are your competitors actually doing and how can you out-perform.


The complete site audit helps determine what needs to be changed and in what priority.  While any other SEO company in London may be able to give you a general overview in the areas that require work, our approach however revolves around facilitating one-on-one interactions with your team to get direct insights into your business, industry and determine the most critical needs that demand immediate focus. This way, our approach enables quicker results targeted to your business goals.


We at Hashani provide economical white-hat SEO solutions for your Website/App that drive your business forward. Every online SEO campaign works to accomplish the following core objectives:

  • Extensive keyword research strategies that facilitate high keyword positioning, which in turn increases your brand awareness.  With effective and efficient use of tools such as Google AdWords, all your online communications are well optimized with keyword reach and information content.
  • Assured top search results that are generated with the use of a variety of white-hat SEO techniques. With comprehensive know-how about the latest algorithmic updates on all major search engines, our team ensures that your pages gain the visibility that it deserves.
  • By blending high quality content and intelligent placement on a variety of generic and industry specific directories, we create authoritative links that highlight your core products/services.
  • Appropriate use of social media platforms to generate highly optimized content to increase web traffic to your site.
  • Gain authority, reputation and customers with relevant content and information. Our experienced team of SEO experts come with insights in industry specific trends and find creative ways to optimize this knowledge for the benefit of your brand.
  • Increase overall business ROI with our result oriented approach that focuses on minimizing online spends and maximizing results. By finding the right blend between article marketing, PPC, social media and other platforms, our SEO experts are able to establish high conversion rates and assured results. Large and medium sized businesses especially are able to enjoy the benefits of our expertise to make a stand in a highly cluttered and competitive Market place.



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