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Our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence personalization platform allows users to interact with Apps and websites.  It builds a living user profile and adaptively learns what information is relevant to that user and what is not.  Here is why our Re-Marketing services are appealing to our customers.  

  • We give your brand the right exposure by giving top-of-the-mind recall value.  The more your potential visitors are exposed to your brand, the more they are likely to buy from you.  Our Artificial Intelligence platform constantly refines user’s individual interest profile with inputs from the whole network.
  • We give you reduced cost compared to paid SEM.  You get the same traffic as paid search campaign, at perhaps 1/4th the price.
  • We focus on your organic search and let our Re-Marketing services give you additional opportunities to converse with people you have already invested in reaching out to.
  • Limitless and unrestricted impressions virtually.  By giving an impression that your Company has presence everywhere, we help in building brand visibility and identification.
  • Targeted customer approach and less of accidental clicks.  Now that your customer has visited you post looking at your Re-Marketing campaigns.  This process increases the chances of your visitor making a purchase.
  • Reducing shopping cart rates – A major part of our Re-Marketing initiatives involve email and online strategies.  Also known as ecommerce Re-Marketing. 
  • We also make use of analytics marketing tactics to help gauge at the activity of the visitor who has spent reasonable amount of time on your website.  We do this by calculating the bounce rate and number of pages searched per visit to decipher whether your customer was genuinely interested in buying your product/s or service/s.


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