SMS Marketing

Our revolutionary platform driven by Artificial Intelligence enables companies and brands to understand their customers down to an individual, which drives much deeper, informed online relationships. If you thought SMS was just for announcements and confirmations, think again. Savvy campaigners are using SMS marketing to boost conversion rates, foster loyalty, and build life-long customer relationships. Any mobile, anywhere in the world, can receive text messages. If you’re campaigning to a broad demographic, or across borders, sum up your key offer in 160 characters and include SMS broadcast on the media plan.


It’s cost-effective, and text messages have high open rates, meaning you’ll boost awareness even among those not able to take up your offer right now.

SMS is an effective medium for Businesses. It allows them to make timely offers and the response rates can be amazing.


A program of SMS messages staggered over a few hours can elicit better information and superior response rates. SMS can be a two way interaction, so let your customers talk back with it. Our easy-to-use customised platform encourages conversation even with cold names. Add a form-to-SMS to your website, allowing customers to opt in their mobile numbers. Every touch of SMS strengthens the bond between you and your customer.



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