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Our Artificial Intelligence platform allow companies and brands to understand their customers down to an individual. This drives deeper, informed relationships, delivering in turn better business outcomes for the brand.  Our Re-Marketing setup and management process consists of:

  • Identifying the Audience – We make it our utmost priority to identify who it is that we are speaking with.  Depending on the demographics of the audience you intend to target, our Re-Marketing campaign is designed to achieve best results. 
  • Tags and setup – This phase involves having our experts create the tags for the lists and the campaign.  People that visit your product pages are automatically added to the list which we target through the Re-Marketing communications. 
  • Creative generation – With the help of our in-house creative team and our artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform multiple banner ads and email newsletters are generated for your Re-Marketing initiative.  These will be tested over time to achieve optimal results.
  • Bidding – We also help create a Re-Marketing specific bidding strategy for your online Business.  Factors such as competition and budget are taken into account to create the best possible plan.
  • Ongoing management – We will closely monitor the campaign throughout  and continue Testing it to make sure that your initiatives deliver profitable results from the perspective of conversion rates.


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