Our Approach

Our real-time PPC Advertising services optimize, awareness, consideration and intent. Our process underpinned  by our most advanced personalization platform involves:

  • Page-Level Contextualisation. Here, we aim at turning data into actionable audience by providing unique page-level contextualisation across our superior publisher network. Based on the variety and type of content, each page is categorised under different interest and intentions. When a user visits a page, our platform instantly pops up similar interests and intentions to generate deeper audience interest.
  • Transparent audience models. We map internet-based audiences showcasing the meticulous network reach of different segment of the Market. Then we build unique custom model for your campaigns by viewing, selecting and adapting campaign models as per your needs.
  • Audience efficient real-time optimization. In this stage, we find out what exactly interests your target audience.  We do this by using our proprietary audience modelling technology to understand viewing and clicking behaviour for each user, resulting in a user-centric and industry-leading methodology to optimization. By adopting these approaches, we are not only making you future-ready to reach your best potential customers, but also assist you in minimising the media waste, often attached with traditional optimization.



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