Our Approach

Our deep and up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging technology, latest trends and assessment of innovative ways including the use of our self-learning Artificial Intelligence platform we can help your brand leave a positive impression in the world of mobile device advertising.  Our mobile advertising approach includes:

  • Leveraging Insights – With our footing embedded in behavioural analysis i.e. making use of data to test and optimize we leverage deeper customer insights to help you gauge at your target audience’s engagement and action.
  • Mobile Paid Search – Digital mobile searches are going to overpower desktop searches soon. Keeping this in mind, we help you with mobile paid searches that will allow your brand to capitalize with meticulous targeting.  We also keep you updated with a growing number of mobile ad formats to drive maximum performance, such as a mobile click-to-call, click-to-directions, site links and location extensions.  This process is initiated by crafting separate campaigns for mobile to make sure that keyword, messaging, bidding and budgeting are kept in alignment with mobile user internet. 
  • Mobile Display Advertising – We provide tailor-made mobile display campaigns to help you initiate awareness and promote your App/s or boost sales.  We constantly employ new and unique ways to reach your audience.  For example, we take into consideration your customers geographical location to provide them with personalised area-specific information.  In addition, our mobile advertising approach includes:
    • Customer insights at an individual level driven by Artificial Intelligence
    • Integration strategy.
    • Keyword research.
    • Designing creative Ads.
    • Ad copy.
    • Bid management.
    • Ad management.



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