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With a wide array of consumers constantly upgrading to mobile smart phones, a mobile-friendly Website/App with our Artificial Intelligence is essential.  Our platform gives you the ability to listen, deduce and drive to a singular psychographic profile for each consumer forms the bedrock of any sound mobile marketing strategy.  Here are a few steps we follow to fulfil the on-the-go demands of your customers:


  • Chalking out clear objectives and goals – This initial step helps us to identify your needs and focus our approach in the most cost-effective way to achieve your goals. Whether you want to encourage and boost engagement with your brand, heighten brand awareness, drive sales, appear unique and peerless or build customer loyalty, whatever your requirement maybe, our utmost priority is to provide you with key measurable outcomes every single time.
  • Research and Planning – At this stage, we help you nail a series of questions, such as how does your Website/App appear on different software mobile devices, mapping analytics and determining how many visitors are accessing your mobile website, how many landing pages should be mobile-friendly and what is the mobile call to action, to name a few.  Here, we also help you gauge at the mobile readiness of your current Website/App.
  • Competitive Analysis – We make sure that we review your competitor’s mobile sites to offer you matchless services and perk up your budget efficiency.  For this, we make use of various styles of research tools and usability testing methods that will strengthen your services across your industry. 
  • Technical and Marketing – Sound mobile marketing campaign is not only about reducing your current Website to mobile, but it goes beyond that.  It is about creating a seamless, user-friendly communication platform that is secure. Under the marketing strategy, we give our clients choices of engagements such as MMS, SMS, web registration etc. by using effective and conversational language that interests your target audience every single time.  To implement these strategies, we use specific mobile-sized template, host micro mobile site within a sub-domain of your existing site or develop a standalone mobile website using a wide variety of mobile site builders.  By engaging with your customers through a mobile device advertising model in a precise and powerful manner, we give you the ability to target them based on demographics, location and behaviour across a range of devices.



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