Our Approach

There are multiple ways by which we Re-Market your Organization or your brand, based on the type of your site, your aims and the kind of your campaign that you wish to execute. 


Our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence personalization platform allows users to interact with Websites/Apps, it builds a living user profile and adaptively learns what information is relevant to that user enabling most relevant subsequent experience.  We ensure that:

  • Re-Marketing via Google AdWords lets you to re-target scores of visitors who have visited your website in the past.
  • You can show similar searched ads to the pre-visited visitors while they browse online.
  • You can show ads to visitors when they type in Google search bar. 
  • You  dynamically create ads to your visitors that bear case-specific details, such as image of the product, its title, brief description and pricing.
  • We make use of Google Display Network to show text and video adverts on various platforms integrated with our Artificial Intelligence platform.
  • We make use of Mobile Apps to reach visitors who have previously visited your website and show ads to them when they are browsing different Apps.


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