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Our advanced invite-only feedback platform driven by Artificial Intelligence ensures that only genuine customers are invited to leave their feedback which means agents are not open to abuse from fraudulent or fictitious reviews. As soon as visitor confidence increases, you will be accepted socially. This means currently sharing through Google +1, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. The positive consequences of this are significant for adding to a site’s kudos in the marketplace and on the net.


If you get visitor confidence and interaction and this is backed up by increasing social signals, you will build up ‘domain authority’. The increased natural and organic linking to your site and pages show this authority to the Google bots. Also, you are likely to get more return visitors and increased interaction. The trust that is built with the benefits above will help convert more visitors to sales. From studies by Deloitte & Touche LLP, over 50% of those asked said they were more likely to buy from a site with product reviews, increasing to over 80% when those reviews are based on actual consumer experience.


It has been shown that reviews are very good at reducing returns. They highlight weaknesses so that a buyer is fully aware and has decided to spend money in that knowledge, knowing they can put up with it. But you do need to generate reviews in increasing quantities along with user input to see the benefits that website reviews will have on those figures.


Trust really is the core of review optimisation for any Business on the Internet. The build up of trust in all aspects of your interface via your website ratings and reviews will snowball. Each time you generate reviews or user comments, it provides a correlating review for you and it increases your trust factors. Soon, you will find that your product reviews become more trusted with less feedback. What you say, for instance in an ecommerce store description, is acted upon more as your word has been ratified as honest.



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