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Applying our revolutionary Artificial Intelligence platform we prepare data-driven hard-hitting PPC Management campaigns by selecting well-targeted web media, which instantly provides high page views for blogs. We can:

  • Help you decide how your campaign is performing in correspondence to the targeted costs.
  • Suggest the best suited websites where it is advisable for you to promote.
  • Pin point budget that is getting wasted.
  • Create different types of ads for pay per impression management services, such as text ad, image ad and video ad.
  • How, when and where exactly do your adverts appear.
  • How your adverts are performing in real-time online when compared to competitive adverts?
  • A highlight of your competitor’s advert-related activities.
  • Track web traffic which is being obtained by campaigns.
  • Reports on profitability curve.


We as a PPC Management Agency driven by Artificial Intelligence and personalized data will:

  • Set-up campaign as we provide the best PPC campaign services.
  • Identify stark opportunities for ad placements.
  • Create ad development.
  • Track and analyse ads for further scrutiny.
  • We use an array of networks, such as search engines, social networking websites and other popular online media to perform the above tasks.



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