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Our customers have approached us with a poor online reputation or no reputation at all. Due to our most advance Artificial Intelligence platform today, those Businesses opted for our all-encompassing services and dominate search results to enjoy the perils of being able to control what visitors see and how they are perceived. We provide the following online reputation management services including:

  • Identifying fake Reviews. We help in detecting fake reviews – hundreds and thousands of them, making you steer clear of defamation and not letting the users be deceived in any way whatsoever.
  • Cyber Bullying. If you as a brand have ever been cyber-bullied, you will understand the grave magnitude of the same. The distress it can cause is limitless. We help you keep cyber-bullying at bay by helping individuals and brands who have been ferociously attacked online. We can practically be your one-stop help at times of dark situations.
  • Honest and accurate online reputation management services. We help you in verifying the standards of your Business strongly and accurately – making sure that nothing but only accurate information is conveyed to consumers. Along with this, we also provide very effective resolution service to provide you with greater reassurance and protection embedding a listening culture. We make you aware of listening tools so that your brand can connect with the consumers in a more meaningful and impactful way.
  • Adopting a multi-department strategy. By this we mean that we connect sales, customer service, product planning and development to truly kick start the benefits going beyond marketing and PR. Apart from this, we are constantly and proactively planning a crisis management plan for you in order to make you well-equipped with social media crisis and manage your Organizations’ online reputation management.



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