Our Approach

Our team works closely with both brands and high net-worth individuals with the help of our Artificial Intelligence platform that processes user profile adaptively and learns what information is relevant to that user and what is not. We weed out negative search results and align them with your Business requirements to maximise engagement and therefore retention. Our comprehensive four-step reputation management approach is as follows:

  • Audit of current position for branded searches.  We carry out a thorough audit so that we can carefully delete your negative reviews and listings.  We do this by looking at the variant results of your brand name, common spelling mistakes and website URLs.
  • Audit of your digital assets.  We will go ahead and examine your real-time digital assets to perk up your search engine visibility and reach.  We will then review your positive Website/App content against a third party content, we then devise a plan to promote your brand positively in search engine results.
  • Audit of your social media accounts. We will look at the audit of social media accounts to carefully pick out negative results. We will provide you with tips on how to boost SEO to get a better organic ranking within the search engine results. 
  • Construction of positive content.  We make a thorough check when it comes to identifying issues with missing content and opportunities to create positive web pages. Furthermore, by using our own network of websites, we will also help you with a list of websites where positive reviews, comments and posts can be generated.  This will help in value-add first page listings of your brand while protecting you from third party content, which might harm your reputation.


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